Monday, July 7, 2008

Sabathia (a Brewer)

The Indians and the Brewers have agreed, in principle, to a deal that would send CC Sabathia to the Brewers for prospects (Matt LaPorta, Zach Johnson, Rob Bryson, and maybe a 4th player). The key player in this deal, besides Sabathia, is LaPorta. He is hitting .288, .402OBP, .978OPS, with 20HRs, and 66RBIs all in 302ABs down in AA.

Owners in AL-Only leagues are the ones that take a huge hit since they lose a stud pitcher and don't get anything in return. LaPorta is not a proven commodity in the majors but should make a difference on fantasy rosters. DO NOT grab him with a high waiver priority but if you have room, go out and obtain his services if he the Indians announce him as an addition to the major league club instead of the minors.

NL-Only leagues really benefit from this move because it adds a huge arm and whoever has the rights to the first waiver priority or however your rules are set for this kind of trade is going to luck out.

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