Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Keeper League Advice

All of a sudden star players are hitting the DL with season ending injuries, or close to it, and for individuals who are not in contention for a fantasy championship this season this is a great opportunity to cash in.

If you are in a keeper league and are sitting in the "build for next year" mode please take note. Guys like Carlos Lee, Evan Longoria, and Carl Crawford are names that have found themselves on the DL as of late and this is the time to try and trade for them.

If owners who are in contention for a championship own these guys try and make an offer for one of them. These players are all keeper worthy players and if their owners are serious about winning a championship, this year, will gladly trade them away for players who are producing now. Lets be real here, you can not go out onto the wire and replace a Lee, Longoria, and a Crawford.

Instead of just sitting and waiting for the year to end go out and see if you can build a strong keeper list for the 2009 season and hopefully you'll be in contention this time next season instead of worrying about your keeper list.

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