Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tampa Bay

The Rays, in their first playoff appearance, are making a name for themselves and fast. They are leading the Central Division Champs two games to none in a short 5-game ALDS.

Here are a few things to take note of for the 2009 Fantasy Season.

Evan Longoria is showing he is not just a regular season performer but a post season hero as well. He is currently batting .571 with 4hits which includes 2HRs. Look for his value to sky-rocket next year if he continues his successful post-season. If the Rays make the ALCS or even the World Series other fantasy owners will start to recognize his Longoria's ability to crush the ball.

Rocco Baldelli is back and has quietly put himself back on some hardcore fantasy player's radars. After another setback in spring training from a mitocondrial disorder that landed him on the 60-Day DL he has come back to provide the Rays with some pop off the bench. Owners should make sure his name is on your draft sheets, if he continues to stay healthy, because Baldelli might be that sleeper that can bring you some hitting stats (.275-.285AVG, 15-25HRs, 75-100RBIs, and throw a hand full of steals in as well). The only thing holding him back is his injuries. If he can stay healthy most owners can grab him near the end of the 2009 fantasy draft as a 4th/5th outfielder.

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