Friday, December 12, 2008


The Yankees have apparently signed Mr. AJ Burnett after completing a deal with CC, pending a physical. I see this deal failing, in real life, because this money should have been spent on signing a big bat (Mr. Big Texeira). You never know, they might sign Big Tex too.

Fantasy wise this Burnett's value lies squarely on health. If AJ can stay healthy he can be a strong contributor for fantasy teams but this guy just can't stay healthy. Now that he is apart of the Yankees there will be plenty of offence to support him while he is on the mound so you can see a few extra wins. He is staying put in the AL East but as a Yankee he does not have to go through the Yankees lineup but instead he now has to face the Jays lineup, including the Red Sox, Rays, and Orioles, so this is another plus. If he stays healthy expect the same type of numbers 15-10, 180K's, and a 4.10ERA. Nothing to drool over.

There will be plenty of fantasy owners who will over reach for AJ because he now plays for the Yankees now but don't be that owner. He should be a #2-3 starter on your team and shouldn't be drafted until the late single rounds even early double digit rounds. Don't put your season on the line with a guy who usually only throws 20 starts a season.

Personally I would make him my #3 starter. Plus, I wouldn't even draft him unless there was no other pitcher on the market. I don't care for guys who can't stay healthy, especially pitchers!

Overall, this isn't anything huge in fantasy land.

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eyebleaf said...

I can't wait until he hits the D/L.