Thursday, December 11, 2008


The winter meetings in Vegas finally brought some news to the baseball world.

C.C. Sabathia - I had a 10% chance in my head that Sabathia would not sign with the Yankees this off-season and I guess the 90% was right. Sabathia signed for 7 seasons and is worth $161million. What I have read is Sabathia was a little reluctant to live in New York because he just didn't know what it would be like so the Yankees gave Sabathia a nice cluase in his contract, option to leave after 3 years. Fantasy wise, this is nothing big. As long as Sabathia stays healthy he is, in my eyes, the #2 pitcher in fantasy baseball behind Johan. The only thing to take note of is how hard the Brewers pitched him last year. He threw 130.1innings in 17 starts as a Brewer and most of those starts had him throw 100-120 pitches. In his career, Sabathia has thrown plenty of innings but you never know when this might catch up with him.

AJ Burnett - Where will you land? Reports are coming out that the Yankees are offering him a 5 year $90million contract. Minimal fantasy impact since he'd be staying in the AL East. Plus, with his health concerns and his "contract year" effort behind him, he won't be finding a place on my fantasy team in 2009.

Ben Sheets - Will you be a Yankee too?

Derek Lowe - Following Sheets?

K-Rod - The newly crowned single season saves leader did not get his Mariano money but he did find a home and team that is going to pay him nicely. The Mets will pay K-Rod $37million over 3 years. Fantasy wise, this is a great move for owners of any Mets starters. With all the problems the Mets had last year (let's not forget about two years ago) of blowups from the bullpen, Mets starters might now get the wins they deserved. K-Rod is a top notch fantasy closer and should be taken in the draft as a top-3 closer.

JJ Putz - Not a signing but the a trade. Putz was acquired from the Mariners by the........Mets! Omar and company really want to rebuild their bullpen from scratch so they won't have anymore of those September collapses again. Fantasy wise, great news for owners of Mets starters but bad news for people who had Putz as their closer. He will assume the set-up role.

New York Mets - Omar, what about signing Brian Fuentes too?

Kerry Wood - Reportedly has signed with the Indians for 2 years worth $20million. Fantasy wise, this is a good move. Wood finds a new home and a place where he can start over with a clean slate. Wood still has the ability to post huge numbers (K/9, decent ERA, and saves).

Edwin Jackson - A young 14 game winner in 2008 was traded to the Tigers by the Rays. This young starting pitcher has thrown a total of 456 innings in the bigs and looks like a solid 3/4 pitcher in fantasy leagues. This kid has a 5.3K/9 ratio, which is alright, but he has a fairly high career ERA of 5.15. I have Edwin on my surprise list for 2009.

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