Tuesday, January 6, 2009

News Worthy

Milton Bradley has signed with the Cubs. I was hoping to see Bradley land on an AL team where he could be a DH but instead he landed in the NL. Milton will be sharing time in the OF with Fukudome and Reed Johnson. As long as Bradley can stay healthy he can produce. Not a bad guy on draft day to gamble on for your 3rd OF.

Pat Burrell is now part of the Rays organization. He doesn't come with a high AVG (in the .250's over the past 3 years) but he does come with power. Burrell seems to be a lock for 25+HRs and 95RBIs. He will serve as the DH and will stand along side Upton, Crawford, Longoria, and Pena in a very potent rays lineup. He will be eligible for an OF spot so having him as your 2/3 OF will help your cause. Look for him to continue his 30/100 numbers.

Willy Taveras is part of the Reds. This guy is only on fantasy radars because of his ability to steal. These are the types of guys I hate drafting because they are only going to help you in steals and if they have a sore leg or hamstring they won't steal, losing all value. Willy should be a late fantasy pick. Do not pick him just because he had 68 steals last year. If you look at his career totals, he usually steals around 30 a year. Don't expect him to swipe another 68 bags this year.

Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals might be a closer. After a few surgeries he is still trying to recover and find a way to pitch in the bigs. As long as he is on the mound and healthy he can dominate. Keep an eye out for him because with his stuff he could be a very dominating closer just like these two starter to closer converts, Wood and Smoltz.

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