Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Carl Pavano has found a team and that team is the Cleveland Indians. After 4 years of collecting paycheques while sitting on his ass injured he is trying to start over. As a 33 year old Pavano still has the ability to be a productive pitcher in fantasy leagues. The only problem is if he can stay healthy. During drafts, Pavano should not be picked unless you have a $1 for your last pick or if you have one pick to "waste" at the end of your draft. He has upside and is worth a spot on your radar but don't try to justify him by his years in Florida.

Jason Marquis was acquired in a trade by the Rockies and will be fighting for a spot in the back end of their rotation. This is the type of guy that can be helpful for your team if you can catch him on a hot streak. He is a guy you pick up during favouable match-ups. No need to draft him.

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