Friday, March 28, 2008

2008 Rookie Class

Two Thumbs Up

Joey Votto (1B) Reds - Dusty Baker has given Joey the opportunity to play and if AAA numbers prove to be right (.294, 22HR) and then the impressive .321 and 4HR during his call-up during Sept 2007, Joey will make a nice addition to your fantasy team.

J.R. Towles (C) Astros - As we all know the depth at this position lacks the punch fantasy owners are looking for. For those who lost out on the fab five (Martin, Mauer, Posada, Martinez, and McCann) look no further then Towles. This rookie may surprise you in 2008. What impresses me is in AA Towles swiped 9 bags in 216 at-bats, pretty impressive for a catcher. We all know the need for steals is high.

One Thumb Up

Jay Bruce (OF) Reds - With Dusty Baker hating on rookies, except Joey Votto, Bruce is taking a back seat to newly acquired Corey Patterson who has impressed Dusty Baker with his decent spring numbers. Keep an eye on this situation. If Patterson struggles out of the gate an early call-up might be in the cards.

Evan Longoria (3B) Rays - This highly touted player in the Rays organization was sent down to AAA. Financial reasons may be behind this situation but as with Bruce keep an eye on Longoria in case he tears through AAA and has nothing to prove except his position in the bigs.

Thumbs Down

Cameron Maybin (OF) Marlins - One of the pieces in the big Cabrera/Willis deal with the Tigers was sent down to AA after struggling in camp finishing with a .190 batting average. Maybin has the potential in the future but most likely will not add value in fantasy leagues for 2008.

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