Sunday, March 23, 2008

Behind the MacBook Pro

As I sit here and begin my journey through another year of Fantasy Baseball, I have decided to document my experiences, thoughts, and random things that happen to me during the 2008 Fantasy Season. All I have is a MacBook Pro and almost a decade of Fantasy Baseball experience to bring this blog to you, so remember, I am not a professional writer nor am I claiming to be a professional Fantasy Baseball player. The thoughts, ideas, strategies, and pointers I bring to you are based on my experiences and ideas through all the years of playing this wonderful, yet addictive, game. If you are interested in viewing a Professional Fantasy baseball league please head towards this site is where the "big boys" play and where many, NOT including myself, head for some guidance.

If you are new to Fantasy Baseball and are interested in some literature, take a quick trip to the local bookstore and it can yield plenty of results. The titles will smack you over the face with the amount of options for you. The two big books that, in my opinion, all fantasy owners should take a look at are Moneyball by Michael Lewis and Fantasyland by Sam Walker. If you have the time I strongly recommend you to read both books, I promise you it won't be a waste of time.

Please take the time to follow my blog and please feel free to post a comment, question, suggestion, or whatever you deem important. I will try to update this blog 3-5 times a week but of course I promise nothing.

Enjoy the season, which starts on March 25, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan (where the Oakland A's play the Boston Red Sox) and finishes on September 28.

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