Monday, March 31, 2008

Early Season Trades

Please do not go out and make dramatic changes to your team just because your star players went 0-4 or had one bad outing on the mound. This is game ONE of 162. The season is extremely long, filled with ups and downs. Yes, I understand that starting a year with a 4-4 with a HR and 3RBI's would be great but this isn't the time to jump overboard.

Don't take this as, "DO NOT TRADE" but instead take this as trade only if it is going to make your team better by filling holes that you need. Remember, you must always look at your team with a subjective view and provide no bias towards any players. This is fantasy baseball and nothing speaks louder than NUMBERS. On my teams, I will trade anyone that will benefit my team, yes, this includes A-Rod.

But...if there is an owner out there that is panicking early in the season don't be afraid to take advantage. It is his/her fault for jumping overboard and trying to unload players because of a bad game, week, or even opening month. At all times keep your eyes open for players on the waiver wire and also for people who keep offering trade proposals.

Trade for value not for the sake of changing names on your fantasy roster.

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