Monday, March 31, 2008

Chad Cordero

At the end of the Nationals game you, as Chad Cordero owners, might have noticed that he was not on the mound during his normal save opportunity. A fellow teammate, Jon Rauch, was pitching the ninth inning trying to preserve a 1 run lead. He did not keep the lead and was bailed out by his teammate Zimmerman in the bottom of the ninth to grab a vulture win.

Here is the important news for Cordero owners.

According to reports Cordero was suffering from shoulder stiffness but we might be seeing a new closer move in right before our eyes. The third game of the season and a closer might be changing. See...going back to my draft strategy, pitchers are ALWAYS prone to injury and are usually unpredictable. Ok, I'm going a little overboard with this right now since it's only the first game but as fantasy owners you always need to keep an eye out for potential changes in major league lineups.

If you have a spot to burn, pick up Jon Rauch for the time being until the Cordero thing is cleared up.

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