Saturday, June 7, 2008


Moises Alou of the Mets did not make his return from the DL on his scheduled day of eligibility but the good news is there is a good chance that he will be activated from the DL on Tuesday. There have been reports that he will be activated on Sunday but, as mentioned above, Tuesday is more likely.

Owners who know Alou know that he is pushing the age limits but even so he is still productive when he is in the lineup. The problem with Alou is he is always injured but for fantasy owners who have an extra bench spot or have the ability to rotate players in and out should consider Alou. In some of my leagues, Alou was dropped and is sitting on the free agent wire and I of course picked him up a few days ago anticipating his return. Like Brad Hawpe, this should be a steal if he can come back and stay healthy and produce like his normal self.

Take a chance on him and if he lands on the DL again, just drop him.

You should see a hitter who can provide .300AVG, 10-15HR's, 60-70RBI's, and 1-3SB's if he can stay healthy. Too bad he isn't in the AL where he could DH.

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