Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Few Notes...

Coco Crisp of the Red Sox is rumoured to be on the trading block and with his limited playing time, 177AB's, he has put together a decent season (.260AVG, 5HR, 22RBI, and 12SB). Owners should welcome a trade because he would get full time playing time in his new home. More time, hopefully, more stats.

James Loney of the Dodgers has enjoyed good season in which he has hit .306AVG, 6HR, 36RBI, and 2SB. Over his past 10 games he has raised his average from .287 to .306. As long as his playing time is not cut, owners should enjoy a breakout season by Loney.

Troy Tulowitzky of the Rockies is back in the starting lineup after returning from an injury to his quad. After a terrible start to the season Tulo is looking for a chance to prove his 2007 stats were not a fluke. In his return he went 0-4 with a K. Owners, I would wait a few games to see if he is back to normal and hitting again.

Clint Barmes of the Rockies is still in a rehab stint and is not fairing too well. He has gone 1-8 and is struggling to find his swing. Hopefully for owners, the more time he spends down in his rehab stint the quicker his swing comes back. When he returns, he will most likely return as the starting 2B.

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