Monday, June 9, 2008

Soriano and Gonzalez

Rafael Soriano of the Braves seems to still be suffering from tendinitis in his pitching elbow which kept him from pitching in the 9th inning of last nights game. This seems like a roller-coaster ride with Soriano because of the good/bad news. First he is the closer, then he goes on the DL, then Smoltz is the closer, then Smoltz is out for the season so Soriano is back as the closer, now Soriano seems to be injured again. This is tough news for Soriano owners. But you have to keep him on your roster because of his potential for saves.

If you have a spot, try and pick up Mike Gonzalez of the Braves. He is coming back from Tommy John Surgery and should be activated from the DL some time next week. Bobby Cox, manager of the Braves, has stated Mike will get chances at the closing duties when he returns.

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