Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random Notes

Josh Barfield of the Indians was called up and will be the regular starting 2nd baseman. AL-Only league owners should grab this guy because he will give you some decent stats and with AL-only leagues players are hard to come by that are full time players and who give positive returns.

D-Train, Dontrelle Willis, of the Tigers was terrible in his 2nd start starting rotation after returning from the DL. For owners who are hoping for D-Train of 2005 where he went 22-10, well keep dreaming. This pitcher has fallen and seems to be staying on the ground. Only keep him on your team if you want a high ERA and a last place finish in your fantasy teams.

Adrian Beltre of the Mariners is struggling and has dropped his average to .226 after an 0-5 night against the Blue Jays. He currently has 13HR's and is on pace for 20-25 but owners who have him as their 3rd baseman must be disappointed in his terrible average. Do not drop him because he does have value. If you have an extra spot on the bench maybe bench him for now and see if he can get out of the slump he currently sits in.

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