Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DL Returnees

Eric Byrnes of the Diamondbacks returned from the DL on Monday and went 0-5. Owners who dropped him because of his injury should take a chance and pick him up if they have room on their roster. In 2007, he stole 50 bags, hit 21HR's, 83RBI's, all with a .286AVG. This was his career year and owners who drafted him thinking he was going to repeat those numbers are on some wacky tobacky. By looking at his career totals, when he is injury free, he can hit 20HR's and steal 15-20bags. So far this season he has struggled at the plate and on the base paths but if you can take a chance, he could provide huge returns in the second half.

Gary Sheffield of the Tigers is recovering from a strained left oblique. In a rehab start he went 1-3 with a HR on Sunday. Just like Byrnes, this guy is worth the pick-up and if he goes back to normal production, which I believe he will, he will give owners a great boost in power numbers for the rest of the season. The only problem I see is his ability to stay healthy. He is really piling on the years and if the Tigers don't treat him well with off-days Sheffield and his bat might not be able to stay in the lineup. He deserves a spot on all rosters but if he struggles, cut him.

Clint Barmes of the Rockies made his return last night and went 1-4. Again, this guy should be on all fantasy rosters but be warned, his playing time might not be guarenteed. With the hot bat of Jeff Baker Barmes needs to prove he is able to make contact and get on base regularly. Before his DL stint, Barmes was hitting .340+ and was showing tons of confidence at the plate. Lets see if he can continue his productive hitting. Owners, make sure to have this guy on your roster.

Josh Willingham of the Marlins is expected to return to the lineup on Tuesday. After a long DL, lasting almost 2 months, this hot swinging LF'er is about to make his return. Owners, who had him for the first month were greeted with great numbers. Don't expect Willingham to continue hitting .341 but do expect him to have 15-20 more HR's the rest of the way.

Jeff Keppinger of the Reds returned to the lineup with a 1-4 performance against the Yankees. Before going on the DL he was putting up nice numbers for owners, .324 with 3HR's, and 2SB's. This production is great coming from a SS. Owners, I would suggest leaving him on your bench to see how comfortable he feels being back in the lineup. If he hits coming out the gate, put him back into your lineup.

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