Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Harden and Mussina

Rich Harden of the A's is showing everyone in the world what kind of pitcher he can be when he is healthy and able to pitch. He just threw his 6th straight start and was dominating as usual going 6innings with 9K's and only allowing 3ER's. I am still not sold on this guy and will suggest everyone to try and sell high on him. He has never completed a season without going on the DL. If you have a deep hitting team you can afford to take a chance on Harden but if you are dying in the hitting area, Harden can grab you a high price bat that will help you. Keeping or trading Harden is a decision you have to make due to your personal circumstance. For me, I would trade him no matter what and get something more predictable in return.

Mike Mussina of the Yankees is throwing very well lately. In his past 10 starts he has 8 wins, 1 loss, and 1 no decision. That is some ace like numbers. In those 10 games he has pitched 55 innings, allowed only 19ER's, struck out 35 batters, and only walked 8. Do I smell contract year?

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