Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Bats

Mark Reynolds of the Diamondbacks is showing power over the past 10 games and increasing his average from .233 to .259 over that span. He has 13 hits, 5HR's and 10RBI's. This 3B is in his 2nd year in the bigs and seems to have the ability to hit 25HR's and hit .275AVG over the span of a year. See if he is on the wire and if he is...grab him.

Jose Guillen of the Royals continues to rake with another HR last night. In his past 10 he has 16 hits, which includes 5HR's. He started slow this year but seems to have picked it up.

Nick Swisher of the White Sox has hit a pair of homers and seems to have found his stroke, as mentioned in a previous post.

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