Thursday, June 12, 2008


BJ Ryan of the Blue Jays was ejected from the game last night after arguing balls and strikes. Of course this isn't the big news. Ryan gave up an ER which gave the lead to the Mariners and resulted in a Jays loss. This is the 3rd loss for Ryan in the past 5 appearances. With Ryan looking very normal and hittable, look to Scott Downs for more save opportunities. With Ryan's surgery repaired arm there just might be some problems or complications which is hurting his delivery and location.

Shaun Marcum of the Jays is doing very well on the mound as of late. In his last 5 starts he has given up a total of 5ER's over a span of 28.1 innings. Incredible. Pick him up if he is available.

Tom Glavine of the Braves is the on DL for the second time this season and for the second time in his entire career. I think the days of Glavine and Smoltz is over. Forget Glavine and drop him.

Billy Wagner of the Mets blew his second consecutive save opportunity last night by giving up 2ER's. As long as there is no physical pain/injury this won't be a problem. Wagner with all his experience will get out of this rut.

JJ Putz of the Mariners left the game with a sore right elbow. This is bad news for Putz owners. If you have Putz, go out and grab Morrow and/or Rowland-Smith.

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