Sunday, June 15, 2008

Speed Demon

Willy Taveras of the Rockies stole FIVE bases in a 2-0 victory over the White Sox. Willy went 2-4 with a BB. So far this season, Taveras has been a disappointment because of his poor AVG and OBP. His SB's are on track for a career high. His current career high in SB's is 34 and he is already at 29 for the season.

Owners who have Taveras, most have dropped him, should really consider if he should be on your fantasy roster. His inability to get on base and his terrible average is destroying his value. If you can afford a low average and need steals this is the guy you can live with. On the other side, if you need SB's and he's available on the wire go out and grab him to see if you can get some SB's and climb back into competition in that category.

This speedster does have some upside because his numbers in the past few years have been very good. He is a career .287 hitter and has averaged 33SB's every year with a .333OBP. If he can hit .290-.300 the rest of the way, he could easily be a sleep for the second half of the season, if we can even classify him as a sleeper.

After this 5SB outburst, I can almost guarantee owners will be flocking to the wire to pick him up.

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