Friday, June 6, 2008

Nate McLouth

For those who have been lucky to have McLouth of the Pirates on their rosters for his amazing start to the 2008 season have seen his stats dry up of late. Well, too be honest owners who didn't sell high on this guy should be kicking themselves. This is a typical guy who has a quick start to the season and then will slowly go back to his career averages. Nate is a career .264 hitter who, in his 4th season, has only touched double digit home run once (not including this year). So, don't expect McLouth to give you 35HR's out of the blue and bat around .310AVG as well. With most fantasy players, you need to understand the fact that people usually don't go out and have monster starts and sustain it throughout the season.

For owners, if you have McLouth, try and sell this guy right now to someone who might believe he is going to give them more production in the near future. Also, for owners who don't have him and the current first place team does have him, just realize that you are going to slowly creep up on them in the standings after he falls apart.

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