Sunday, June 15, 2008

More DL Stints

Moises Alou of the Mets is back on the DL after playing ONE game. In the fantasy world his stats are absolutely off the charts but the problem is he is never on the field because he spends every freakin' day on the DL. I picked up him up hoping that he could provide me another 150-200AB's for the rest of the season because he usually puts up a .310AVG, 10HR's, 60RBI's, and 1/2SB's. Now he is back on the DL it is absolutely over. I dropped him but if he is still available when he comes back off the DL I will try and pick him up again. This guy is worth it. But for now, drop him.

JJ Putz of the Mariners was placed on the DL because of numbness in his pitching arm. At this point in time Putz is looking towards a return before the all-star break. Owners should be a little worried at this point in time because of his injuries so far this season. This is extremely disappointing because most owners drafted Putz as their number 1 closer and did so early in the draft. Look for Morrow, Batista, and Smith to grab the saves while Putz is away. The Mariner's coach was reported as saying he will use a bullpen by committee approach.

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