Monday, June 16, 2008

Wang and Headley

Wang of the Yankees sprained his right ankle while running the bases during an inter-league game against the Astros. I find this kind of stuff funny because shouldn't batting and running the bases be basic baseball skills that have been acquired throughout the years of playing baseball as a child? I know pitchers in the AL are use to pitching and only pitching but come on...these guys are apparently professional athletes, running around the bases shouldn't get you injured. Especially when these AL pitchers aren't even going full out when doing the hitting/base running. I guess the saying, "We're not athletes, we're baseball players" does seem to have some truth. BUT for fantasy news, Wang is expected to miss his next start but with a sprain things could change overnight but the Yanks will be overly cautious with their ace.

Chase Headley of the Padres was called up and will be playing the big leagues. His AAA-Portland numbers (.305, 14HR, 40RBI's) are worthy of a pick-up. In most leagues Headley is already available on the FA list so you won't even have to use your waiver priority on him. He will not be playing full-time in left field but if he does show some pop in his bat like his AAA numbers, expect him to be the daily starting LF. This prospect does not have the big time name brand like Kershaw or Bruce but this young and highly touted prospect can help your fantasy team if you need some pop in your batting categories.

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