Saturday, June 7, 2008

Posada / Hawpe

Since returning from the DL, Jorge Posada of the Yankess has left off where all owners were expecting from this stud catcher. In 10 AB's he has 3H's, 1HR, 2RBIS's, and 2BB's. To owners who have Posada, like me, enjoy his services. He should be plugged back into your lineup RIGHT NOW.

As of right now, Brad Hawpe of the Rockies has hit HR's in back to back games since returning from the DL. At the moment, the Rockies are in the 3rd inning. Maybe Hawpe will provide some more production for owners. Hopefully, this is a sign of Hawpe going back to his 2007 pace and has left his 2008 struggles behind. For owners in leagues where Hawpe was dropped because of his struggles and his injury, go out and grab him. It might turn out to be a steal.

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