Monday, June 9, 2008


Jose Guillen of the Royals seems to have found his swing of late. Too bad for me, I dropped him a while back. In his past 10 games he has 15 hits (4HR's) and 11RBI's while adding in 1SB. For owners who stuck through his terrible slump this is some nice reward...finally!

Nick Swisher of the White Sox seems to have found his swing after a terrible start to the year. In his past 10 games he has 10H's with 1HR. Hopefully he has turned things around and will heat as the summer heat arrives and lives up to his potential of 20HR's/70-85RBI's.

Eric Chavez of the A's is swinging the hot bat after being activated from the DL. Since his return, 8 games, he has 10H's which includes 1HR and is batting .313. It seems like his surgeries on his back and shoulders are not bothering him. As I mentioned in a previous post, this is a guy who could be an absolute steal if he produces his former numbers of 20+HR's and 70-90RBI's.

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