Monday, June 23, 2008


Jon Lester of the Red Sox, after throwing a no-hitter, is now dominating hitters. In his past 10 starts he has dropped his ERA from 4.31 to 3.18 and is 5-1. This pitcher should be on all rosters.

Tim Lincecum of the Giants is in a little rut at the moment. In his past two starts he has given up 9ER's in 12 innings of work. But a good sign is he is still striking batters out, 11K's in 12IP. Owners, don't worry about Lincecum because he was bound for a little bump in the road. Did you really expect this kid to have a 1.99ERA for the entire season. Expect a few more poor outings scattered throughout the rest of the year. As long as he is pitching expect around 8-9K's/9IP. If you don't have his services, see if you the owner is willing to part with Lincecum. The worse response you can get is no.

Randy Wolf of the Padres has put together 7 great starts in his past 8 games. In those great starts he has allowed no more than 3ER's in at least 6 innings of work. But owners should be smiling and feel a little gitty over his strikeout numbers. In those 7 starts he has 45K's in 45.1 innings of work. Wolf has always been a streaky pitcher and this is the perfect time to grab him. His high strikeout totals is a great indication he has his A-game. He should be available in most leagues. See if he is out there and grab him as a starter but if he falls apart, just drop him again.

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